Best Meditation Classes in Richmond, VA

Handpicked from 110 vetted & reviewed Awareness and Relaxation Training centers in the Richmond area, discover the top 3 elite providers among the selected group of 7 finalists.

Natural Path Meditation (Heartfulness Meditation)

Natural Path Meditation (Heartfulness Meditation)

  • Feel
  • Instructors
  • Peace
“This meditation practice has been immensely helpful to be content with my life, find peace within, be appreciative of all that I receive/give and am able to overcome the typical "I am missing something in my life ....”
In Business Since 2015
2230 E Parham Rd, Richmond, VA
Mindfulness Bar

Mindfulness Bar

  • Mindfulness
  • Insight
“Yedda's coaching took me well beyond what I imagined was possible - she showed me how to work with others with the ability to hold multiple truths, and wake up to this world every day with gratitude for who I am, for the people and world around me, a...”
In Business Since 2022
Serving Richmond Area
Bardos Massage and Wellness

Bardos Massage and Wellness

  • Room
  • Body
  • Hot Stones
“My mother suffers with chronic pain issues so when I get to see her moving around without pain in her face, I am so grateful that she has found this place.”
In Business Since 2012
1127 Gaskins Rd, Richmond, VA
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Prominent finalists
Healthy Life Yoga LLC

Healthy Life Yoga LLC

“Very intimate, small class sizes, instructors that will give you lots of different modifications for your body style and what your body is telling you that day.”
In Business Since 2020
Remote Consultations Available
Free Initial Consultation
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Serving Richmond Area
Human Endeavors

Human Endeavors

“His understanding both as a yoga instructor and trainer provide extra insight into correcting muscle imbalances and other problems that occur with me as a runner.”
In Business Since 2004
2004 Bremo Rd #101, Richmond, VA
Mindfulness Strategies

Mindfulness Strategies

“Great price on wings and open late”
2405 W Main St UNIT 8, Richmond, VA
Spiritual Healing Inc.

Spiritual Healing Inc.

“Faraz showed me some very practical techniques which have literally transformed my life.”
1001 N Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA

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Maximum cost $343
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Fair range $86 to $147 is based on 327 cost profiles.

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