Best Pottery Classes in Ventura, CA

The highest-rated Pottery & Ceramic companies out of 170 vetted & reviewed in the Ventura area.

Firefly Ceramics

Firefly Ceramics

  • Kids
  • Paint
“Two of my children (ages 25 and 26) wanted to do something different for my birthday this year so my daughter suggested going to paint pottery and it sounded like fun so, we looked it up on the internet and found that most stores were closed on Monda...”
Average Price Tag
In Business Since 2006
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
1580 Saratoga Ave unit c, Ventura, CA
Clay Play & Arts

Clay Play & Arts

“Hannah (our instructor) was not only charismatic, but we were thoroughly impressed by how well she was able to teach and aid an entire class of 6 who were brand new to making bowls on a pottery wheel - all within just an hour!”
In Business Since 2018
Serving Ventura Area
Firestick Pottery Studio

Firestick Pottery Studio

  • Clay
  • Price
“I live in another state, was visiting for a week and didn't have time to stay for the finished product, but communicated what I wanted and Robin really delivered!”
In Business Since 2017
Serving Ventura Area
Mermaid Gallery Art Studio

Mermaid Gallery Art Studio

“Very cute and welcoming gallery with plenty beach inspired items and beautiful art work.”
In Business Since 2009
1575 Spinnaker Dr #107B, Ventura, CA
Ojai Pottery & Clay School

Ojai Pottery & Clay School

“Yes, the local junior colleges have ceramics departments; however, they require registration, have limited space, and may necessitate proximity to campus, etc.”
In Business Since 2013
Serving Ventura Area

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Average Cost $250
Minimum cost $75
Maximum cost $500
Avg Per Hour Rates $90

Typical range $200 to $350 is based on 419 cost profiles.

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