Best Martial Arts and Combat Sports Classes in Bellevue, NE

The highest-rated Martial Arts Training companies out of 251 vetted & reviewed in the Bellevue area.

Champion Sport Karate

Champion Sport Karate

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“She is a fighter, she has learned the value of never quitting even when things are hard, to respect others, and the importance of helping other achieve goals even they didn't know they could....”
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In Business Since 1998
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Serving Bellevue Area
Martial Arts International

Martial Arts International

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“I am confident that they can go out in the world and stand up for themselves, and respect others because of the martial arts training that they have received.”
In Business Since 2001
3608 Twin Creek Dr #106, Bellevue, NE
American Academies of Martial Arts

American Academies of Martial Arts

Hope and an Indomitable Spirit, Perseverance, Self-Discipline
“Outside of the physical persepective of learning Ku Fu, she also has gained more of an understandin of what it means to be respectful (Yes/No Sir/Ma'am).”
In Business Since 1989
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
2406 Cornhusker Rd, Bellevue, NE
10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Omaha

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Omaha

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“The people at Sims Dojo/10th planet jiu jitsu are the best, from the instructors to the students everyone is friendly and will push you to become a better version of yourself.”
In Business Since 2006
1512 Harlan Dr, Bellevue, NE
Caldwell's Shin Ryu Kan Martial Arts Instute

Caldwell's Shin Ryu Kan Martial Arts Instute

“The teaching is superb, and the sensei and teachers keep a close eye on your progress providing not only helpful practical pointers, but also with history surrounding the system in order to truly educate you on the art.”
In Business Since 1984
Serving Bellevue Area
Black Dragon Martial Arts

Black Dragon Martial Arts

“The instructors are very professional, have a good understanding of the learning process, and encourage students to work at their level - while still trying to push them to excel to the next level.”
In Business Since 2017
1103 Galvin Rd S Suite D, Bellevue, NE
Sarpy Aikido Club

Sarpy Aikido Club

“Every one is always welcome and adjust to an individuals limitations.”
In Business Since 2004
Serving Bellevue Area

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Average Cost $125
Minimum cost $79
Maximum cost $396
Avg Per Hour Rates $53

Typical range $105 to $157 is based on 369 cost profiles.

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