Best Kickboxing Classes in Staten Island, NY

Handpicked from 193 vetted & reviewed Kickboxing Training gyms in the Staten Island area, explore the top 3 leaders in their field among the selected group of 9 finalists.

Try Hard Fitness

Try Hard Fitness

  • Trainer
  • Sweat
  • Cardio Kickboxing
“I have worked out in all different areas of physical fitness for 30 years and have and would still recommend this fitness center for anyone (beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness).”
Licensed, BBB Rating: A+
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Transparent Fees & Pricing
In Business Since 2016
600 Midland Ave, Staten Island, NY
Karate USA

Karate USA

  • Learning
  • Happy
  • Health
“She's about a month in and although she continues to be very shy at the beginning, by the end of class she is a bundle of energy and always comes out telling us how much fun she had.”
Remote Consultations Available
In Business Since 2011
601 Manor Rd, Staten Island, NY
Cesar-Kai Academy

Cesar-Kai Academy

  • Karate
  • Environment
  • Women's
“This place is not just a place for learning great karate and kickboxing, but a family friendly environment for growing into a mentally strong martial artist.”
In Business Since 2010
Serving Staten Island Area
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Prominent finalists
Master Curry Karate Jujutsu Ryu️️️️️

Master Curry Karate Jujutsu Ryu️️️️️

  • Life
  • Lessons
  • Respect
“The master are professional or not (yes they are ) but the most important is my daughter learn a lot of life lesson and positive here , they teach her how to be yourself .”
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
In Business Since 2003
3896 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY
JSK Martial Arts Taekwondo

JSK Martial Arts Taekwondo

  • Son
  • Students
“He is more respectful at home, more independent, and to be honest, when he steps out of line, all I have to say is "I'm going to talk to Master Jang about this,"and he hops right back lol.”
In Business Since 2013
Serving Staten Island Area
Black Belt America

Black Belt America

  • Discipline
  • Exercise
“He truly cares for his students and its a wonderful place to go if you want to seriously train or just get some good”
In Business Since 2012
2025 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY
Twin Kicks Karate

Twin Kicks Karate

  • Patient
  • Cardio
  • Respect
“With that my children leave there excited about what they have learned and accomplished in their session as well as determined to get back to their next session to see what they will learn and progress in next.”
In Business Since 2019
Serving Staten Island Area
Mirabella Martial Arts

Mirabella Martial Arts

“Master Mirabella is a Tremendous Instructor with over 30 years of experience in all fields of the Martial Arts.”
In Business Since 2017
10 Nassau Pl, Staten Island, NY
Kim's Taekwondo

Kim's Taekwondo

“Great for kids”
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
1891 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY

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Average Cost $223
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Maximum cost $496
Avg Per Hour Rates $38

Average range $174 to $341 is based on 343 cost profiles.

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