Best Kickboxing Classes in Elgin, IL

The highest-rated Kickboxing Training companies out of 144 vetted & reviewed in the Elgin area.

Pro Boxing Fitness

Pro Boxing Fitness

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“Can't wait to come back in the offseason.”
In Business Since 2015
30 Dupage Ct, Elgin, IL
Tri-City Boxing

Tri-City Boxing

“I know with Covid going it may be hard but, my Only suggestion would be to offer a few more classes and time frames if possible 👍🏽”
Transparent Fees & Pricing
In Business Since 2017
Serving Elgin Area
United Elite Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness

United Elite Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness

“Sad to see how you “adults” are being less mature than a 16 year old like me , if you haven't gave it a shot there's no reason to give low stars, this hurts peoples business and isn't just a joke , if you cant take structure and understand that peopl...”
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
In Business Since 2011
Coupons & Offers
Serving Elgin Area
Illinois Martial Arts Academy

Illinois Martial Arts Academy

“I have been going here for almost 3 years now and can't get enough of the kickboxing and jiu jitsu classes!”
In Business Since 2010
Serving Elgin Area

Kickboxing Training Services in Elgin, IL Cost Estimates

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Average Cost $212
Minimum cost $83
Maximum cost $470
Avg Per Hour Rates $36

Fair range $165 to $324 is based on 373 cost profiles.

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