Best Ballroom Dance Lessons in Wilmington, DE

The highest-rated Ballroom Dancing companies out of 179 vetted & reviewed in the Wilmington area.

Ballroom By Bill

Ballroom By Bill

Wedding Social
“The social dancing approach quickly got us to the point where we had at least *some* steps to do whatever music was playing, and since then we've enjoyed building on what we could do.”
In Business Since 2009
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Accepts All Major Credit Cards
Serving Wilmington Area
Stardust Ballroom

Stardust Ballroom

  • Floor
  • Lessons
“The stardust ballroom is the best dance floor around.”
In Business Since 2011
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
Serving Wilmington Area


“Well designed for safety with lots of modalities and a terrific team to meet your fitness needs.”
In Business Since 2002
62 Rockford Rd, Wilmington, DE
Carousel Ballroom

Carousel Ballroom

“If your goal is to simply be comfortable out at a party or wedding, I totally recommend Carousel Ballroom!”
In Business Since 2006
Serving Wilmington Area

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Average Cost $133
Minimum cost $56
Maximum cost $487
Avg Per Hour Rates $34

Fair range $100 to $177 is based on 372 cost profiles.

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